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Lost Vegas


                Marissa Stevens is bored! Bored out of her fucking mind and not quite sure what she should do about it. Sure she’s climbed the corporate ladder of success faster than her peers, having recently been promoted to General Partner at Taft Venture Capital, but the long hours and hectic travel schedule have begun to weigh on her. Gone are the cheerful happy hour hook-ups with girlfriends, awe inspiring visits to art galleries, why even dating has gone the way of the dinosaur, it seems. While strolling through the ornate and pricey mall at the Dubai International Airport, nothing of materiel value catches her eye or sparks her interest. Her huge walk-in closet back home is stuffed to the gills with handbags, shoes, clothing, and accessories from several top designers. Having long ago lost interest in the material trappings of an upper class lifestyle, she turned to community service as a means of seeking fulfillment. While her intentions were good, they were not in sync with the realistic demands of her job, so her stint as a volunteer at the St. Agnes youth center was cut short. An accomplished pianist with a bachelor’s degree in political science, she once took the point in running the campaign of newly elected mayor Donald Barnes, unseating the two term incumbent in doing so. Did I mention that she speaks three languages, holds a black belt in Taekwondo, and runs a blog that acts as a stop gap for bullied children by personally reporting incidents to school officials? Despite all that she has accomplished, Marissa remains deeply unfulfilled on a personal level. She wanders into a bookstore in search of something to read on the fourteen and a half hour flight back to the United States. Everything in Dubai is built BIG, including the book stores. This particular one is the size of a public library and everything is for sale. From Fiction to Non Fiction, Business to Current Events, Sports, and Travel, the choices are plentiful. The unmistakable ringing of her cell phone interrupts her browsing as she fumbles through her handbag to retrieve it. The caller ID shows that it’s George; her boss and the head of the Capital Investment Group.

                “Hey George. Are you on your way?” asks Marissa stopping in front of the Romance and Erotica section.

                “Uh...yeah. I’m leaving for the airport now. The meeting went a little longer than expected but we’re in a good position to receive another round of funding.” Marissa scans the shelves of books with alluring titles like ‘Getting over the Hump’, ‘The Lover Next Door’, and ‘Passing the Bill’ a parody of Monica and Bill from the looks of the cover.

“That’s awesome!”

“Hey it was your idea to come here and purchase some of the distressed assets and flip them. I really appreciate you making the contacts and setting up the meetings.”

“That’s what you hired me for, remember? To seek out investment opportunities.”

 “Absolutely! Listen I’ll meet you in the lounge. Gotta go.”

                “Alright see you in a few…bye.” Marissa dumps the phone back into her purse and picks up a book entitled ‘Bad Boys and Sex Toys’. After reading the synopsis, she heads towards the checkout counter, grabbing a newspaper and magazine along the way.

                The heels of her jet black stilettos tapping the ground call out to the men in the concourse like a beeping semi in reverse. Heads turn and comments are whispered as the struts past them on her way to the Emirates Lounge. She learned how to make her boobs jiggle while walking in heels by watching the Victoria’s Secret models strut their stuff. They might think that Marissa hasn’t noticed them ogling her but she doesn’t miss much!

                “Good afternoon ma’am and welcome to the Emirates Lounge,” says the sharply dressed customer service agent with a warm smile. “May I see your boarding pass and passport please?”

“You sure may,” says Marissa handing them over. The agent scans her boarding pass before opening up her passport to the photo page. He quickly gives her the once over, gazing into her emerald green eyes and sneaking a peek at the tops of her cinnamon freckled boobs. Standing five foot eight barefoot, she’s easily a tantalizing six feet tall in her stilettos.

“Thank you ma’am,” says the agent handing the items back to her. Please make yourself comfortable. Your flight will begin boarding at 6pm so please listen for the announcement.”

“Thank you.” The agent turns, gesturing with his hand, as the sandy blonde haired beauty files past him. What must he think of western women, Marissa wonders? After placing her leather brief and handbag on the chair, Marissa steps up to the bar to place her order for a glass of Argentine malbec. She notices that unlike the lounges in the states, the amenities and service here are top notch! She’s just settled into her chair with a glass of malbec and a small plate of cheese, crackers, and grapes when George comes shuffling up to her, a disheveled mess.

“Oh my god,” he says panting as though he’s just come out of the game for a breather. “This airport is ridiculously huge! I almost hopped on one of those carts but it was full of cheek pinching grannies. Our flight is supposed to leave at 6pm right? Are we delayed?”

“We board at six…wheels up at seven,” says Marissa with a smile.

“Oh,” chirps George suddenly feeling a bit dumb. “That will give me time to change clothes.” George shuffles off to the bathroom giving Marissa a moment to once again check out the cover of ‘Bad Boys and Sex Toys”. It shows a woman tied to a chair, with a gag in her mouth, looking sheepishly up at one of two shirtless men standing before her. Just to the side is a cart with several different sex toys laid out in a neat looking display. Marissa wonders briefly what, if anything, her choice of reading material says about her. Does she have a dark side lurking just beneath the surface or is she just looking to escape into a fictional tale of debauchery the likes of which, she may never know? As tempted as she is crack the book now, she decides to wait until she’s nestled into her business class lie-flat seat. People are so quick to make snap judgments and she doesn’t want to be judged by the cover of her book.

“Feeling better?” asks Marissa as George returns from the restroom, sporting a pair of khakis and a Duke Blue Devils sweatshirt.

“Much better! With all of the upcoming trips to meet with clients, my mind is going a mile a minute.” George steps up to the bar looking like a frat boy, returning moments later with a tall glass of ice cold beer. He takes a seat across from his colleague smiling at her. “You know…this trip has been a huge success! We’ve added to the company’s portfolio of assets and secured another round of funding to purchase more distressed assets in the near future.” Work is all he ever wants to talk about it seems. Marissa takes the opportunity to find out if George has a social life beyond the financial world.

“So what do you like to do for fun George? I mean when you’re done crunching numbers and the calculator screen goes blank, what interests you?” George purses his lips pondering her question.

“Well I like sports,” he says pointing to his sweatshirt bearing the name of his alma mater. “Snowboarding in Aspen, playing poker with friends, and golfing,” says George with a shrug.

“And when was the last time you got to do any of those things?” A long and painful silence lingers between them as George wracks his brain trying to remember just when was the last time he did any of those things. “See, that’s what I mean. We are so busy that we don’t get to enjoy doing the things that interest us.”

“That’s not entirely true, because I enjoy my work. Making money interests me.”

“Yes, but what good is it if you don’t have the time to spend any of it?”

“Marissa, if you need a vacation or a few days off, I’ll be happy to sign off on that request.”  Marissa smiles, leaning back in her chair. She knows that he doesn’t get it and decides to alter the direction of the conversation.

“Actually, I just wanted to ask you if I could take a look at some distressed assets in Las Vegas. They got hit hard in the subprime mortgage fiasco and I see some really attractive opportunities available but they won’t be available for long. Plus, a new art gallery just opened up there and art has long been one of my passions so I’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Absolutely! Let’s talk about it some more during the weekly meeting next week. After the awesome job you did here in Dubai, no one is going to balk at any of your suggestions.”


The nose of the Boeing 777 had just crossed over the Italian coast line according to the real time flight map on her television screen. It’s the time of the flight after the hot towel service and five course meal when the cabin lights are dimmed and the passengers are left to sleep, read, or watch movies. Marissa is reclining back in her seat with the personal reading light illuminating the pages of her book. A wry smile forms on her face as Chapter 3 heats up:

“You’re lying…and we know you’re lying,” says one of her captors leaning in close, his mouth inches from her own. A black bandana obscures much of his face revealing only his welcoming blue eyes and dark hair. Firm yet polite sounding and smelling of expensive cologne, he is not your typical interrogator. “Give us the location of Agent Big Johnson and we’ll let you go! Lisa stubbornly shakes her head refusing to cooperate. “Hit her again!” The second interrogator steps forward flipping the switch of the percussion vibrator and pressing it against her clitty. Her naked body shudders, pulling at her wrist and ankle restraints as she is consumed by the intense and extremely pleasing vibrations. He slowly and very gently rubs the device against her pussy until she’s groaning and gasping through her tightly gagged mouth. For a full thirty seconds Lisa’s clitoris is buzzed by the blond haired interrogator. “Enough,” says the dark haired man stepping forward. “We can do this all…night…long! It’s entirely up to you,” he says pulling the gag down under her chin. “Now…give us the location of Agent Big Johnson!”

“Um…let’s see,” says Lisa trying to catch her breath. “I don’t know…I’ll never talk…and fuck you!” Her eyes dart back and forth between her captors as she wonders just how they plan to handle her latest act of defiance.

“I told you this wouldn’t work,” says Blondie, tossing the percussion vibrator back onto the cart. “The case file states that she’s strong and determined!”

“You know what I think? I think she’s using a bit of reverse psychology on us,” says Darkie! Yes…by refusing to cooperate she feels a measure of excitement and thus wants to prolong this process.”

“She feels excitement nuh nuh nuh nuh…piss off!” says Lisa mocking him.

“What are we going to do?” asks Blondie.

“Get the bench! I’ll untie her,” says Darkie. He moves silently around the bed, untying all of her restraints before forcefully pulling Lisa to her feet and walking her over to a strange apparatus which looks like a miniature bunk bed with a cushion top on each level. The bottom level is narrower and protrudes out a foot and a half more than the upper level on one end. It’s from this side that Lisa is made to bend over her legs straddling the protrusion on the lower level. She’s handcuffed to metal D- rings beneath the upper level while her ankles are shackled to each leg of the bench. Darkie strips off his clothing revealing a raging hard on. After applying a generous amount of sex oil to his shaft, he easily slides his meat into her aching pussy. Lisa moans with delight as he moves in and out of her slowly. “Now…either you talk, or we’ll take turns fucking you like the little tramp that you are! Where is Agent Big Johnson?” yells darkie his voice echoing off the smooth cement walls.

“Up…your mama’s…ass,” says a defiant Lisa, between his battering ram like strokes.

“Blondie!” calls darkie, placing his strong hands on her hips to steady himself as he continues to fuck the prisoner! Blondie grabs a multispeed vibrator egg off of the cart and rolls himself onto the lower level. He turns the device on low speed placing the egg squarely on her clitty.

“Ohhhhhh…damn! That feels good!” exclaims Lisa.

“I know it does. Now talk,” says Darkie. “Where is Agent Big Johnson?”

“No!”  says Lisa defiantly. She screams out loud as her latest rebuke is met with a stinging slap to her ass. The waves of pleasure dissipate the pain as Blondie turns up the speed of the egg a notch.

“Where is he?”

“Go to hell!” For that she receives another slap across her ass and faster vibration on her pussy.

“Where is he, bitch?” screams Darkie, fucking her ever harder, his hair a mess and the black bandana having fallen down around to his neck. “Talk…Talk …Talk,  you fucking bitch!” He’s on shaky legs holding onto her hips for dear life. He can feel her pussy muscles tighten around his cock each time he slaps her ass! The egg is humming now, as his eyes widen and his strokes shorten. Poor Lisa is howling like a slutty banshee but its Darkie’s cries of pleasure that drown her out as he empties his load deep into her pussy. Darkie withdraws and is doubled over behind her trying to catch his breath.

“See, I told you she would be tough to break,” says Blondie rolling out from under the lower level. Darkie kicks over the cart in frustration.

“Hey guess what?” says Lisa, smiling at the two of them.

“What?” asks Darkie attentively hoping to get at least a snippet of intel from her.

“You came before I did!”

Marissa bookmarks her page, rising from her seat to make her way to the restroom. Most of the passengers in the darkened cabin are asleep with the exception of a few channel surfing night owls. The restroom of this plane is much bigger than the telephone booth sized ones on most of her domestic flights. Marissa wastes no time in removing her skirt and panties. She closes the lid of the toilet sitting atop its smooth cold surface. With her legs spread wide and on the balls of her feet, the fingertips of her right hand find her swollen clitoris. Reading about the interrogation of Lisa has dampened her pussy like never before! So it’s here, in the only place of privacy and solitude available for the next eleven hours, that she must fan the flames of the fire burning within her. Marissa’s chest heaves up and down as she rubs her swollen lil girl for all it’s worth. Where, she wonders to herself are her interrogators? Leaning back against the wall and resting her left leg on the counter top, Marissa sucks the middle and index fingers of her right hand inserting them into her sopping wet pussy. She finger fucks herself, breathing heavily through tightly clenched teeth. The huge jumbo jet banks gently to the right causing her head to slide against the wall, coming to rest in the corner. She closes her eyes, rubbing her pussy again while imagining Darkie and Blondie working her over on the padded bench. Fucking and buzzing her while trying to illicit information from her. How could those two idiots not know that Agent Big Johnson was right there dangling between their legs the entire time? Amidst the roaring engines, gossiping flight attendants, and her sleeping boss, Marissa has one of the most intense and satisfying orgasms she’s ever had the pleasure of bringing herself to! She actually had to cover her mouth so as not to be heard by anyone outside. She quickly washes her hands and cleans herself up before putting her panties and skirt back on. Stepping out of the restroom and making her way back to her seat, nobody seems to have noticed that she just joined the mile-high club all by her lonesome. Marissa kills the reading light and reclines her seat into a lie flat bed to catch some zzz’s. While it wasn’t the real thing this time, she’s happy to have found a new hobby in reading Erotica!


The silence of her darkened bedroom is shattered by her smartphone suddenly buzzing three times before playing ‘Build Me Up, Buttercup.’ Marissa, with her head still buried underneath the pillow, slaps her hand across the top of the nightstand trying to silence the phone. When she first programmed the song as her alarm she thought it would be sort of a motivational wakeup call, but now it’s become downright annoying! After silencing the alarm, Marissa rolls over onto her back and navigates over to the calendar of her smartphone to check out her schedule for the day.

7:00 wake up

7:30 breakfast

8:00 tidy up the bedroom

9:00 hot yoga with Trina

10:30 Farmers Market

“Jesus,” she says to herself. “Am I that regimented?”  She quickly deletes her entire schedule with the exception of hot yoga with Trina. Next she checks her e-mail. Although there are several and most of them work related it’s the one from the online retailer that catches her eye. It reads ‘If you liked Bad Boys and Sex Toys, you may also like She Wore Pigtails by Day’! Marissa reads the synopsis about an enthusiastic and well liked elementary school teacher who moonlights as a pimp at the strip club that she owns. The club’s executive clients have the option of being escorted upstairs to one of two private rooms where they can have their wildest fantasies come true…for a nominal fee of course. She rolls out of bed to download the book onto her e-reader before jumping into the shower. Marissa quickly discovered that eBooks are not only fast becoming the preferred method of reading but also offer the kind of privacy and discretion a woman in her position can appreciate.

Trina Michaels is one of the city’s high profile real estate agents and event coordinators. The vivacious, fast talking blonde attributes her success to her in-depth knowledge of the market and her ability to woo wealthy clients. She also happens to be a bonafide, certified, slut and isn’t the least bit coy about it! While she admires her free spirit and can-do-anyone attitude, Marissa would rather not name drop and story tell the way her friend does. Her mother always told her that a lady should be seen and not heard. Old fashioned yes, but the old axiom still holds true with her to this very day! They’re sipping lattes and sharing a bran muffin near the rear a coffee shop after the hot yoga class. Marissa listens intently as Trina dishes the goods on the well-known attorney who just purchased a condo from her.

“So I take him into the master bedroom and he asks me if the blinds work. It’s the kind that you can operate with a remote. Real fancy ultra-modern condo…anyway I show him how to close them and the next thing I know he’s standing right behind me whispering into my ear. Are these walls soundproof?”  says Trina, imitating his sexy sultry voice. Marissa is all smiles knowing full well where this is going! “I say they are while reaching behind me with one hand to massage the stiff boner poking through his pants. His hands come up from behind me to squeeze my boobs and unbutton my blazer. It was then th


at I noticed his wedding band; a big shiny gold one with an inscription that I couldn’t read. He’s kissing my neck, licking my ears; he even asked me if I came with the condo. So I turn to him and I say that he could probably make me cum but I don’t think that he can make both me and the condo cum together.” As Trina delves into the meat of the story…no pun intended, Marissa can’t help but visualize herself in that same situation…but with a cop…being read her rights as she’s fucked from behind.


“So you did it right there on the hardwood floors?” asks Marissa.

“No, he took me into the kitchen and did me on the island but get this…his wife calls while we’re in the middle of doing it and he takes the call!” Marissa laughs out loud, drawing looks from other patrons. “I took this as an insult and decided to blow him while he was on the phone with wifey to see if he can keep his composure.”

“Did he?” asks Marissa, taking a sip of her latte.

“Marissa, I was sucking his cock like a laid off porn star and would you believe this bastard doesn’t even flinch? I know lawyers are cool under pressure but he had me seriously reevaluating my fellatio skills!”

“Now that’s what I call a cool customer,” says Marissa with a wink.

“That pissed me off so I decided not to say a word while he fucked me from behind as I was leaning over on the island. You should have heard him grunting and talking dirty to me trying to get me to moan or say something.”

“You should have started checking e-mails on your phone.”  The two women laugh and high-five one another across the table.

“That would have totally destroyed his ego. I’m a bitch Marissa, but I’m not cruel…ok I am but anyway…I figured I should play along at least a little bit because I did want him to make an offer.”

“Well…did he buy the condo?”  Trina breaks off a piece of the muffin, popping it into her mouth.

“We’re invited to the house warming this Friday,” she says, popping another morsel into her mouth.

“We?” asks Marissa incredulously.

“You have to go with me! It will be awkward meeting his wife after I boned her husband.”

“Can’t…I’ll be in Las Vegas remember?”

“Oh yeah that’s right…bummer! So what’s new with you?”  While she wishes she had a juicy story to share with her friend, the fact remains that her life is all work and no play!

“Uh…not much really. Just work and travel…travel and work.” Trina stares at her friend wondering how in the hell such a gorgeous woman so successful and full of life can be single with all of the eligible bachelors in this town. Trina has offered to introduce her to successful men that she knows but each time her offer was rebuffed. If the truth be told, Marissa didn’t want to take a chance on sleeping with any of her leftovers! She has suggested online dating but that idea is met with an immediate rejection because Marissa doesn’t want run the risk of a colleague or someone she does business with seeing her profile on an online dating site. As the women exit the coffee shop and bid farewell to one another, the sudden realization that her life lacks excitement hits her like a falling piano. During these types of meetings she’s always the one listening as someone else is telling an exciting story. Other than traveling for work and having recently made partner, she doesn’t have anything of substance to talk about. Marissa flips the hood of her jacket up over her head as the rain begins to fall all around her. A deep and foreboding sadness consumes her as she realizes for the first time that life is passing her by. At thirty two years old she’s in her sexual prime, yet her last sexual encounter was with a recently divorced childhood friend some eighteen months ago. Fearful of a legacy of professional accomplishments without personal fulfillment, Marissa makes up her mind right then and there to have a social life come hell or high water! She doesn’t want to look back on her life and regret not having done the things and people that she really wanted to do.

Packing for business trips had always been easy as she’d done it so frequently but this time was different. Along with the suits, blazers, skirts, and heels, she also packed her form fitting jeans, sexiest low cut tops, and her white lace open back long sleeve dress she nicknamed ‘killer’! It was more of a body skirt than an actual dress and whenever she wore it, the eyes of men, and even some women, were glued to her as she walked by boobs just-a-bouncing!  With her bags packed and placed by the front door for the driver to pick up in the morning, Marissa makes herself comfortable in the lounge chair to continue reading She Wore Pigtails by Day:

Was it him she wondered, studying the man sitting just to the left of the stage? He sure as hell looked like Nathaniel Hickman or Mr. Hickman as his P.E. students called him. Surely a clean cut scripture quoting brother with a wife and two little girls at home wouldn’t be visiting her club! It is only when the gentleman removes his glasses to wipe off the lenses before putting them back on with a smile does Gina realize that it is indeed her esteemed colleague. Often times it’s the way he ends a conversation in the teacher’s lounge by wiping off the lenses of his glasses, flashing that bright smile, and wishing his fellow educators a blessed day. Now here he is with a stripper’s tits and ass jiggling in his face! Oh well…a customer is a customer. Gina Levine or Miss Levine sat on the far side of the table on the upper level of the club. Her likeness is obscured by the dim lighting but most of the John’s eyes are glued to the dancer on the stage anyway. She watches him with a keen eye as he stuffs bills into the waistband of the dancer’s thong. Suddenly she has an idea and reaches for the phone. It’s a direct line to the dancer’s dressing room that rings the moment someone picks up the receiver.

“Yes Boss Lady,” answers Diamond, a petite brunette with pouty red lips.

“I need Sable please.” Sable is the club’s most requested dancer. She’s a light skinned beauty with an incredible bubble butt that always seems to be dancing even when she is not. It didn’t take her long to become the club’s headliner.

“Hey Boss Lady,”  says Sable, taking the phone from Diamond.

“There’s a guy in the front row to the left of the stage that I would like you to give an introduction to. He’s wearing a black sweater. Take him to suite number two please and use the south stairwell.”

“I’m on it boss lady!”

“Oh…and make sure his blindfold is on nice and tight,” says Gina hanging up the phone. An introduction is basically a full body rubdown while the customer is blindfolded. It’s designed to allow him to sample a more intimate level of service in the hopes that he might sign up to become an executive client. The blindfold is meant to give the impression that he could receive this level of service from any of the club’s dancers. Moments later Sable is at his side chatting with the handsome P.E. teacher. In just a few short minutes he rises from his chair to follow the curvy dancer up the stairs. Once they are inside the room, Gina retreats to her office to view the action in suite number four on the closed circuit TV connection. The dancers were told that the CCTV was for their safety and security but it also allowed Gina to become a voyeuristic boss, watching her girls service the clubs executive clients. Nathaniel’s resolve is all but gone and no match for Sable’s powers of persuasion as she assists him in, removing his clothing. In no time at all he’s blindfolded and lying face down on the massage table. Gina looks on approvingly as Sable squirts hot oil down his back in a zig zag pattern. Next she climbs up on the table rubbing her perky tits, abdomen, and pelvis back and forth across his back and chocolate ass. Gina waits another five minutes before shedding her clothing, grabbing a small makeup bag, and making her way to suite number four. Upon entering the room, she finds Sable straddling his upper body in the reverse cowgirl position rubbing her enormous booty up and down his neck and shoulders.

“Looks like we have a guest,” says Sable, as Gina approaches the massage table in her birthday suit.

“Well I heard we may have a new executive client so I just wanted to say hello,” says the Boss Lady, reaching into the makeup bag and biting the lid off of a florescent pink marker. She climbs up onto the table straddling his back while handing Sable the makeup bag. The two women take turns drawing on each other’s bodies and applying florescent pink lip balm. Next they each don a pink hair band with a bow on top of it. Gina takes the bag and climbs down off of the table to turn off the lights.

“You may remove your blindfold and roll over onto your back,” says Sable, climbing down off of the table. Nathaniel does as he’s told and upon rolling over, he can only see the psychedelic pink outline of two naked women moving about the room. It’s so dark and the pink so bright that he can’t even tell who is who. All he can see are pink fingernails, pink lipstick, the pink hair bands, and the pink outline of their tits and asses.

“Wow,” says Nathaniel in amazement! “You guys really know how to put on a show. Sign me up!”

“You just relax,” says Gina, as the two women begin groping and kissing his body while taking turns stroking his member. Sable is the first to take his cock into her mouth, sucking and slurping him up and down before popping it out of her mouth with a satisfying ‘Ahhhhh’! As Gina stands at the side of the table awaiting her turn, his hand glides up and down her sexy body, stopping briefly to squeeze her juicy ass. He hasn’t the slightest clue that this particular psychedelic beauty is someone he works with and sees five days a week. It’s not standard procedure to have sex with a client during an introduction but an exception will be made for this particular client. Gina steps forward to climb up onto the table. She straddles Nathaniel while taking his hard dick into her hand. Still wet with Sable’s saliva, she slowly guides his member into her pussy with ease. No longer does she have to wonder what it would be like to fuck the handsome P.E. teacher as she rises and falls upon his 8 inches of manhood.

Marissa bookmarks the page and rises from her seat. “Damn erotica authors!” she hisses to herself. “Where’s my magic bullet?”  She rummages through her underwear drawer in search of her favorite sex toy. Once she’s naked and spread out on the bed, she wastes no time powering up the sleek shiny device, pressing it against her aching pussy. What she wouldn’t give to be a pink lady in that darkened room! Marissa alternates between buzzing her clitty and fucking herself with the aptly named magic bullet. She’s almost certain that her neighbors heard her cries of pleasure when she nearly fell of the bead while creaming but at this point, she could give a fat hairy rat’s ass!

As business trips go, this one wasn’t much different from the others in that she was able to identify and purchase distressed assets that would require a minimal investment to realize a profit. She made some new contacts and plans to return in a month to meet with officers at local banks to go over their portfolio of distressed assets. What has been different is that Marissa made it a point to go to happy hour nearly every night and has actually met some really nice people. Gary is a handsome tour promoter who works with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Deon is a VP at a broadband company and a part time personal trainer. While Tre, Reggie, and KD are just some cool shit talking brothers she met at the crap tables. Tonight is her last night in Sin City and she’s already rocking a strong buzz at only nine thirty in the evening; the result of multiple apple Martinis consumed during dinner and drinks with clients. Marissa feels as though she’s walking through a fun house as she makes her way back to her hotel room on the 19th floor. The full length mirror at the end of the hallway produces the optical illusion of making the hallway look impossibly long. Her room is located halfway down the hallway on the left and has an awesome view of the strip. Marissa stops outside of her room slipping the card key into the slot to unlock the door.

“Ugh,” she grunts bumping into the door as it refuses to give way. She tries the key again…and again…and still again to no avail! “What the hell?” says a confused Marissa to no one in particular.  Just then the door is opened and she is surprised to find an attractive young lady standing in her room. “What are you doing in my room? I don’t check out until tomorrow.”

“We’ve been here for two days now. What’s your room number?” asks the young lady.


“This is 1812! Wrong floor!”

“Oh my god,” says Marissa, slightly embarrassed. “Those damn Martinis! Listen I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

“Oh it's ok! No worries! I’m Amber,” she says, extending her hand while checking out the sexy older woman.


“Why don’t you come in and join us for a drink? It’s just me, Mike, and Speedy. We’re chillin for a bit before we hit the strip”.

“Uh…ok,” says Marissa as she doesn’t plan on going out tonight anyway, being buzzed and all. Upon entering the room, she is introduced to Mike, a handsome white guy who obviously spends a lot of time in the gym from the looks of his physique, and Speedy, a good looking skinny black guy with way too much jewelry on. Marissa takes a seat as Amber hands her an ice cold beer while explaining that the three of them work for an erotic toy manufacturer. They are in Las Vegas attending a convention to showcase some of their new products.

“Ok so Marissa, you have to help me out here because before you got here they were ganging up on me,” says Amber.

“No we wasn’t yo,” says Speedy!

“Actually Speedy, we were,” states Mike defiantly.

“Sure! I’m always willing to help,” says Marissa.

“OK well you know how some people are always saying that size doesn’t matter right? Speedy and Mike’s penises are used to mold the new line of dildos we sell and I was wondering if you could help me determine which one is more marketable. Speedy!”  The young thug steps forward, pulling his shirt up and the front of his baggy jeans down, revealing his 6 pack abs and 8 inch cock. “Mike,” calls Amber as he steps up beside Speedy dropping his pants and boxers down around his butt. Marissa’s eyes dance back and forth between two of the most impressive dicks she’s ever seen!

“They…they are both very nice,” says a suddenly parched Marissa, taking a sip of her beer.

“Yes but I need to know as a consumer would you purchase one of these? Touch them! It’s ok!”  Marissa sets her beer on the end table before taking Mike’s dick into her hands stroking and gently squeezing it as the delighted young man smiles down at her. Next she wraps her hands around Speedy’s engorged member, marveling at the sight of her slender white fingers swirling around his big chocolate Johnson. She strokes each of their cocks simultaneously bringing them to a full erection.

“She doesn’t want to choose,” says Mike.

“Then choose for her,” says Amber defiantly. Mike steps forward touching Marissa’s face with one hand while rubbing his cock against her cheek with the other. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Marissa fills her mouth with Mike’s cock while Speedy removes her blazer and unbuttons her blouse. She drops to her knees alternating back and forth between the two youngsters, blowing them like the sex deprived woman she truly is! As she zeroes in on Speedy, Mike removes her blouse and unclasps her bra, allowing her cinnamon freckled tits to spill out.

“Damn! Damn this bitch can suck a dick yo!”

“Speedy don’t you let her make you cum!” barks Amber from across the room! “She stumbled in here drunk and lost. Don’t you let her take you out!”  Little do they know the lustful fire that burns within the cinnamon boobed beauty kneeling before them! Marissa’s really playing up sucking Speedy’s cock, moaning and making loud slurping sucking sounds. Speedy places a hand atop her bobbing head as she deep throats him with all she’s got! It proves to be too much for the youngster!

“Ahhhhh shit! Ohhhhh damn yo!”  Marissa empties his load onto her chest just before poor Speedy stumbles over to the chair collapsing onto it in a heap.

“I guess I know where he got the name Speedy,” says Marissa staring Amber down.

“God dammit,” hisses Amber walking over to Marissa. “Mike it’s on you now,” says Amber unzipping her skirt and pulling it, along with her thong, down to the floor. “This new product cannot be allowed to fail! You have to fuck her and make her cum do you understand me?”

“Yeah I got this! Don’t even worry about it! Get up on that bed”,  says Mike. Marissa does as she’s told; lying on her back in the middle of the bed, ready to receive him. The manner in which he settles between her legs guiding his pecker into her waiting pussy with one hand is eerily reminiscent of her first time with Tommy Steiner many eons ago.

“Mmmm,” says Mike, as he sinks into her wetness.

“Come on Mike I’m counting on you!” says Amber.

“Yeah Mike…we’re both counting on you,” says Marissa with a smile. The young stud steadies himself, thrusting his hips forward, looking into the eyes of a game MILF! Marissa runs her fingers through his hair offering ‘Oh’s’, ‘Ah’s’, and seductive smiles each time he slams his cock into her pussy. She would love nothing more than to wrap her arms around his neck and urge the young stallion to fuck her to a fierce climax but Marissa is determined to dispatch both of her arrogant young suitors.

“That’s it Mike! Fuck her! Fuck the shit out of her and make that bitch scream your name!”  Mike is up to the task but so is Marissa. He opts for a full on sprint, sending the headboard crashing into the wall repeatedly, while Marissa pulls him in close to her placing her mouth against his ear.

“I know you can fuck my wet pussy Mike,” she says to him while sticking her tongue in his ear. “I know you can do it baby…fuck my pussy good and hard!”  She licks and sucks his ear as he jackhammers her pussy. It’s youthful vigor versus mature experience. Who will rule the day Amber wonders? At stake are thousands of dollars invested and countless hours molding and producing dildos courtesy of the two youngsters. Their company’s reputation and the success of their new product line hang in the balance…for about 10 more seconds! Amber lowers her head in defeat as Mike pops like a rank and file amateur on his first porn shoot whimpering and shaking all the while. He’s totally spent as he rolls off of Marissa trying to catch his breath.

“I swear if you want something done right you have to do it yourself,” says Amber as she begins to undress.

“Do you have any other bright ideas?” asks Marissa with a smile.

“Just one,” says a stark naked Amber, reaching into the closet to retrieve a box. Marissa sits up in the bed observing the sexy petite young woman as she opens the box. “This is the Wild Willy,” says Amber holding the strap-on penis in her hand. “It’s ribbed as you can see and powered by a 24 volt engine.” Amber straps the penis onto her pelvis nice and tight.

“Why does it have an engine?”

“You’ll see…now turn over! On all fours doggy style!”  Marissa does as she’s told and only flinches slightly as Amber slowly penetrates her with the strange looking penis. Grabbing hold of her hips, the perky titted beauty begins to fuck the big boobed stranger slowly at first but steadily building her tempo. “You think you can just stumble in here drunk and go through our new product line like that?”

“No,” says Marissa through tightly clenched teeth.

“You might have finished them but I got something for your ass bitch,” hisses Amber taking hold of her hair! Marissa’s boobs swing freely beneath her as Amber slaps her ass, fucking the older woman harder and faster. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No! Please fuck me!” begs Marissa consumed with lust.

“You like it don’t you, ya little slut?”

“Oh yes…I love it!” howls Marissa.

“Mike…Speedy…get over here.”  Her two colleagues approach the bed on either side of her. “Each of you take an ear while I flip the switch on this whore!” Mike and Speedy position themselves on opposite sides of Marissa, sticking their tongues into her ears. Amber flips the switch on her hip causing the dildo to vibrate with a low hum.

“Oooohhhh…fuck!” cries Marissa as the pleasure ripples through her body.

“Who’s pussy is this?” asks Amber.

“Yours…it’s all yours! Use me...fuck me…I’m yours!”  She claws at the sheets trying to steady herself but the combination of the young men French kissing her ears and Amber pounding her pussy with the pulsating strap-on proves to be too much for her. Marissa has not one, not two, but three room spinning orgasms, the last two of which were multiples! Amber mercifully withdraws the Wild Willy from her soaked pussy as Marissa collapses onto the bed. Never before has she been so overwhelmed with pleasure. Mike and Speedy seem worried that she may be sick or hurt, but the truth is she has never felt better. Amber kneels in front of her gently rubbing her back.

“Are you ok sweetie?” Marissa opens her eyes and smiles at her.

“Wait til Trina Michaels hears about this!”