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Experience the erotic thriller "2 O'Clock" 

The official movie trailer based off of the best selling novel by Fletcher Brown.

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New From Fletcher Brown "Sexperience 2"

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   Author Fletcher Brown is back with more devious sexual tales in the second volume of the Sexperience series. So who's The Enforcer? Is it the gorgeous petite blonde CEO Darla Yates or her muscular ex Special Forces head of security Bo Childress? You decide!

               Dr. Denise Taylor eagerly anticipates her weekly 2 'O’clock appointments with the handsome and mysterious Damien Jones but finds out after she's fallen for him that he is not who he claims to be. In Forever, William reminisces on his 56 year marriage to Beverly as he follows the doctor to her room to make the most difficult decision of his life...removing her from life support. Ronald thinks his wife is cheating and sets out to catch her red handed in Fly On The Wall but there's just one problem...he ends up liking what he sees! Deborah Schumer is The Sweets, a shy lonely woman who is transformed into a sexual monster by her boyfriend Donovan. The Sexperience continues...experience the Sex!!!